Exploring Together
We are a young married couple from Australia who love each other and love exploring each other's bodies.

He is M. 28 yrs old
She is S. 25 yrs old

We are new to the blogging thing but love showing off for randoms and can't wait to explore our sexuality through this blog.

Feel free to ask us questions and put in any requests you may have. We are pretty open and if we don't like the way you act we will just block you so you'll get the picture.
Thursday, 31 July 2014


Guys, can you let us know when the best time is to post our stuff for all you North American followers. Being in Australia it is hard to gauge when the best time is to post for you guys to see them. When do you check Tumblr? When do you spend the most time on it?

Would love to hear from you all so we can adjust our Queue times so you can see them all

M + S

Some great photos on your site, I wonder if you could tell me what the purple toy is called and what its like? Is it rechargeable? Quiet? After some info for some gift ideas for my girl. Cheers.


The rabbit vibrator I have is a standard California Exotic. It uses batteries so isn’t rechargeable and is fairly quiet (as quiet as a vibrating dildo can be I guess). They have slightly upgraded since I bought mine and look a little different but here is a link to it from a great shop we buy all of our stuff from 


I would definitely recommend it.

It keeps me happy ;)

Fellow Aussie couple here :) appreciate a follow back xx

Following!!! Love Aussie couples and love the blog!! 

Hey, US couple here again.... thanks for your response! You must be glad that M is cut, right?

I’ve only ever been with cut guys. Which is weird considering there are a lot of uncut guys our age. I like cut guys but I’m not going to say I prefer cut guys because I really don’t know whether it is better or not. I will admit that cut is better looking in general I think.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014
Monday, 28 July 2014
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